You know, Steve Francis NBA career start again. And it is also his career is areas in orange to his only a few years away, but this is a new start, even so, try to save the few remaining extrusion his so-called super star's career. Seriously, why does everyone hate Canada? Then he vowed to let the Chicago bulls regret in his front choose brand first place. Not a choice, the grizzlies trade Francis to the Houston rockets, Francis let a donkey, err.. for his career, and get a name Steve franchise. Catalyst can include potential mercurial defender?
A lock of hair is holding calm the Francis, the strand was suddenly blow to a gust of wind, and to anyone know it, Steve. Francis broke down. He was sent to the New York knicks, want to create one of the most feared back to court in the league Stephen marbury in the side. One of the best point guard the time has become an unknown shadow, with a single winking (pun). The Chicago bulls won't regret the choice brand in Francis, so it looks.

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