In the physical environment of a J.Crew store, the Named garment plays a minor role in our decision to choose, try on and purchase. Our first impression with that sweater or those shoes begins online, through tweets, blogs and inbox blasting. The crispness of twill and the punch of a color fade in an online world of window-shopping. So we search for physicality elsewhere.The fact that she didn’t know it made Minnie even more of a knockout. The cut she struck was both structured and lithe; daring but demure; forgiving yet unforgettable. She existed to make others look better despite her own unknown glamour. 
When it comes to reading clothes outside of the store, Barthes suggests we naturally trust two speech structures to weigh a garment’s message, or chance of entering our closet. Online, the Named garment allows us to establish trusting relationships with products through action that simulates clicking personal profiles, rather than transactions devoid of humanity.Anyone who’s met Minnie will tell you she is not simply a pair of pants.  Although Minnie fits surprisingly well, her tailoring isn’t what makes her special. It’s her name. A proper name suggests qualities beyond cloth. Minnie represents a social shift in our concept of personal relationships.


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