I don't understand why anyone in the Jets cheap jersey organization goes on Francesca's show.The Jets are no more then a punching bag for him. The lack of respect shown by him is just so Giant fans can listen in and laugh. 

Talk about pimping yourself out; Francesca is a joke. Also nfl jerseys cheap, I'd like to remind all those holier-then-thou Giant fans, that is wasn't too long ago that their organization was so unstable and that the NFL had to step in to right their ship. And let's not forget "THE FUMBLE" (thank you Herm Edwards) against the Eagles eagles t-shirts..they have their own past to be embarrassed about.

Idzik remained cool and said he wouldn't talk about Rex's contract or Sanchez's future, but Mike kept badgering him. Not sure what value there is going on his show, should avoid. Never does this with the cheap football jerseys Coughlin or Gerardi, just softball questions and always reverence. 

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