This is a problem, if the average wage of hokey players is still team 75% of income, it could still NHL league to stop work experience. Then NHL league will have to seek network television broadcast of the big contract to maintain. But, if like baseball, he can restrain spending too little and distribute some income low income team, so they may avoid it. In such a system, court still tend to more market team. Dynasty can be maintained, and need to spend some time to construct top. Some of the Canadian charter may still can't survive in this league.And you will probably see cavalry, king or black hawk team every year in the NBA jerseys
The main reason is the alliance is caught between NHL today is a television, cheap hokey jerseys is because of the lack of participation in the main market of the American team in the NBA finals ticket prices. However, in the national hockey federation, and every major sports, Wirtz and many of his compatriots large market owners decided to delimit the bottom line spending. There is a wonderful article, "Chicago BBS" a few days before the good work on analysis of rock Wirtz black hawk team. Rock is obviously not controversial figure.Don't repeat the old damage, but the most amazing thing is, nothing was done. The team of policy apparently didn't work without change.

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