A real confident and calming effect in the bull pen. Pitching not as fast maybe as he did but very smart. The old wily veteran. Reminds me of Mussina in his final years. And the retreads we picked up, the old experienced veterans are getting it done, the Hafner, the Wells, the Overbays. So far great pick ups cheap jersey and fill ins for the regulars and yet what will the regulars be able to contribute after coming back from serious injuries and being older.

Maybe we’ll want to stay with Wells and Overbay and Youkillis and Hafner when it’s all over. And maybe Nunez will get it done at ss although I’d feel better with an experienced ss cheap mlb jerseys. Cervelli is getting it done so far with all the question marks around the catching this year. new york yankees jersey Best part of this team: NO DRAMA!!!! They go out and play the game hard without DRAMA.

Fact is, if I am Girardi, I’d be picking and choosing when Tex & Granderson play. I like this team, they are fun to watch. cheap jerseys paypal The caption reads that the bullpen couldn’t hold the 3-0 lead. NO David Robertson didn’t hold the 3-0 lead. Frankly I am NOT convinced this guy takes Mo’s place as a closer next year. Just does NOT have the closer mentality, in my opinion.
Wow the guy has one bad start and he's suddenly the most hated met ever. He had a decent WHIP in 16 starts in the AL East last season. Yes the cheap Marlins jerseys offense is putrid but it's not liked they scored 10 runs against him, and it's still a big league lineup. There are definitely worse 5th starters in the world, and i'd prefer to see him over any other alternative from within. cheap baseball jerseys

Especially when he's just a "keep the seat warm" kind of guy anyway while Wheeler gets ready. If they could land Harang on the cheap football jerseys  I wouldn't be opposed to that, allowing Hefner to slide to the 5 (and eventually a long man when Wheeler gets here) and Laffey to go back to AAA to function as depth nfl jerseys cheap  But barring that, Laffey is what they'll go with. If he can't get it done, I'm sure McHugh will get the call and the Mets will bide their time until Wheeler gets ready. Wheeler needs to shore up his command, much like Harvey did last year. 

But there you go Mets!! cheap new york mets jerseys
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