90% of Bryant's injuries are exaggerated by his PR team so he looks "greater" when they are winning. Supposedly he has bone spurs in his foot now. K-Mart should be back in the playoffs. He's tough as nails and will work hard to play. cheap nba jerseys

I can't imagine him missing a playoff game. It would be nice to get Chandler back in the last couple of games on limited minutes. 2013 nike game jerseys He was real rusty his first couple of games back. I guess they will do the best they can with these guys.

A severe sprain could involve a complete tear of the ligament. That could require surgery. So the diagnosis of "severe" entails a wide range of recovery time. I hope that it's just a partial tear and K-Mart can return quickly. chicago bulls jersey

So long as Chandler and K-Mart (Camby too god willing) are ready to go in the playoffs, I have no problem watching and seeing if Copeland can play defense in the post against tough post players. If miami floridians jersey Cope is in the playoff rotation (and I believe he will be), he will get a nice taste of NBA playoff basketball tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon.

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